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Thread: Changes without announcement?!

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    Changes without announcement?!

    Why OFM not inform us managers about changes? Since about a week my interests has shrunk to under 400.000 per matchday. Should be ~ 1.150.000 . So whats up?

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    Anyone at home? I am angry!

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    From the german server (translation by google):

    23.01.2017, 18:36
    Community Manager

    The upcoming season break of the Classic server this week will introduce the so-called interest rate brake on all servers. In the OFM unfortunately a very large gap between the few very rich teams (about 5%) and all other teams developed over the years. This gap is spreading more and more and we have now developed an interest rate brake to create a healthier financial structure for the servers. From a contestant of over 250 million euros (about 5% of the OFM teams), the interest rate of the bank is reduced to 10% of the previous interest rate. This means in the clear text: up to 250 million euros are interest-bearing as usual (2% interest, or 4% interest at Nobility Bank). All that goes over this sum and is in your account is only interest with 0.2% interest or 0.4% interest.

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