The Support Ticket System (STS) allows the OFM team to answer questions and requests from the users. Banned teams can make contact to the Game Operators (GO) here, too.

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FAQ & HowTo:

You can reach the support ticket system directly in the game via the menu item "Help".

Choose the right topic, the right title for your ticket and sum up briefly, but long enough to be articulate – This is the best way your ticket gets answered as quickly as possible.

One issue, one ticket
No issue is so important that multiple tickets or forum threads need to be created and mass mailing to all members of the OFM team is also not applicable. Multiple tickets regarding the same topic are treated as spam and do not speed up the process.

Please ask your questions via the STS and use private messaging only to communicate with other managers, but not for questions to the GO's.

Common tickets are usually answered within one day. Reports of fraud and irregularities may take longer and the feedback may even fail for several reasons, e.g. when something as has already been done.

Ticket lifecycle
Tickets are shown in "View My Tickets" for a period of 14 days, after which they disappear from the index.

Questions about the game
Questions about the game like "why doesn't my striker score?", "'why does my team with strenght 70 not win against a strenght 60 team?" belong to the forum section ​​"About the game" and specifically in the "Questions about the game" area, but not to STS.

Report fraud and irregularities
Free markets allows free action of the managers, but also fraud. We are grateful, if fraud, irregularities and violations of the rules are reported to us. Please use the special "Fraud & Irregularities" ticket in the STS, and try to be as brief as possible. You can either enter team IDs or team names in the ticket. Please do not enter any team links!
The team ID can be found in the team link:
****http: / / / club page / vereinsseite_frameset.php TeamID = XXXXXX (XXXXXX is the ID of the team)

Please limit reports of private messages to those with offending content or breach of rules, e.g. a little gloating over a closely won match belongs to the game just as a simple player request from a “nations collector” is no spam.

Bug reports in the forum
Bug reports are generally considered belonging to the bug-forum, after you have checked whether it has not been already reported. A new support ticket should only be opened for very good reason or after being asked to do so by a GO.

Contacting a specific GO
If you've already contacted to a specific Moderator / Admin regarding a problem or if you want to turn to someone special, please mention it in the ticket and it will be forwarded to the right place.

Closing Tickets
Only close a ticket on your part if you do not it need any more. This applies especially regarding abandoning a team tasks or rule violations.