It is possible to lock a club if the player doesn’t want to take care of his club anymore or if he wants to start with a new club.

Please open a new support-ticket in the support-ticket-system:
Ingame menu->help(OFM support-ticket) ->create new ticket->category:team-management->team tasks & restart

If you think about a restart, we give you the advice to take a look at the forum “General Discussions” and ask for advice. In most cases a restart isn’t even necessary!

Before you can ask to lock yourself, it is important to fulfill the following conditions, so that your league rivals don’t have any disadvantages because of your restart:

1. 11 players are set up for league games.
2. The subs‘ bench has to be full.
3. The contracts of the players have to be extended up to 35 weeks.
4. No active player should be offered on the transfer market.

If you need more players to fullfil the conditions, then please buy them on the amateur market

Locked teams will be deleted at the turn of the season!