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    Youth Development FAQ

    Common questions:

    1. Which value has a youth player?
    You know the name, the age, nationality and the team part of your youth player. They show some game strength, which is at 0 in the beginning, and they have a bar, which is on 0 too, but those values grow during their career.

    2. Can I choose the position or the team part?
    You can’t choose the position or the team part of your youth player.
    There is the possibility to fire unwanted players and fill the new empty positions via youth scouts.

    3. Are all youth players the same?
    No! The abilities of your players can be very different. It is your job to find the best youth players and support them as good as possible.

    4. What is the highest level of a player in the youth development?
    The highest level of player in the youth development is level 5. They won’t get better then that.

    5. What are the terms of development time of my players?
    The development of your players depends on the following values:
    1. Youth players talent
    2. The amount of the regularly spent money (in %)
    3. The league level of your team

    6. When will my youth player be ready for a professional contract?
    Players of any (17, 18, 19 years) youth group can be signed everyday . In the overview appears a “sign” button and you
    get a log, if a player decides to play professional.

    If a player is 17 or 18 years old he can decide between matchdays 0 and 34 day if he wants to play as a professional. With 19 years it's between matchdays 0 and 17. In case a player of the age groups 17-19 reaches strength 5, he can be signed immediately.

    7. How can I influent the players' decision?
    The common time for the decision of a player can only be influenced in a positive way, by the class of your team. The higher the league of the team, the faster a player decides.

    8. Does my youth squad develops in a better way, when my team got promoted?
    Yes. You’re whole youth squad profits from a level up of your team! On the other hand if your team relegates, the motivation of the youth squad will sink to.

    The higher the class of your professional team, the:
    -more expensive the youth development & individual training
    -more expensive the use of a youth scout
    -faster the common development of player strengths
    -younger the youth players who are willing to sign a contract

    9. Was does „daily funding“ mean?
    The “daily funding” is the sum of investments, which are paid for the recent youth squad. Every player in the youth development normally costs the same. The regulator for the “daily funding” can be adjusted from 0 to 100% depending on the daily investment.

    10. Which kind of effect has the individual training?
    Players with individual training are developing faster than players with basic training. Effect and price of the individual training are calculated by the percentage of the investments.

    11. How many players can I train individually?
    Depending on your expansion state, you are able to train from one up to four players individually. You can change the individual training as much as you want and switch between players.

    12. When do I get new players for the youth development?
    In the beginning of every season, all 15 empty slots will be filled automatically for free.

    13. How do I get more players?
    With the expansion of your youth camps, you get more free slots for your youth players.
    Remember that the high costs of the youth camp can be profitable for your team and club later in the game.

    14. What means Youth group U17 and youth group U19?
    Group U17 contains 15 and 16 years old player. They can’t be hired in any case.
    Group U19 contains every player of the youth development, who is older than 17. They can be hired for your team, if they want to become professional players.

    15. When does my player improve?
    Your player from the youth development can improve daily step-by-step. You can take a look at the improvements in the development bar. If your players should got better, you will get a note in your log.

    16. When will the improvement of my players be calculated?
    Player improvements and upgrades will be calculated at night during the usual game calculation.

    17. What does level 1, 2, 3 and 4 mean?
    At first every club has only enough slots for five 15 years old players, three 16 years old and one 17 and one 19 years old player. With every new expansion level, every age group gets one new free slot.
    So with the highest expansion level (Level 4) you have enough space for eight 15 years old, six 16 years old, four 17 and four 19 years old players.

    Questions about management actions

    18. I set the daily funding on 0%, do I still get players from the youth development?
    You still get players for your youth squad but they won’t get better. Players can still decide to become a professional player even without any investments.
    Note: Player can only be hired if they have at least a strength value of 1, even if they have shown interest for professional football at an earlier state.

    19. I set my youth investments 100% and got promoted- what will happen after the season break?
    Your investments will be intermittent at day 0 with the new league prices.

    20. How do I earn a profit for my team?
    As a manger you have to set aim for the highest profit by supporting young talents from the youth developemnt. You make profit by setting the costs as high as necessary and as low as possible.

    21. Which players should I fire and which players should I keep?
    It is your job to identify talented young players and to support them.
    Advice: The earlier you fire certain players, the lower are your youth development costs in the end. On the other hand, if you make that decision later, you have more knowledge of your player and his talents.

    22. How can I set the individual training?
    With the individual training, your players develop much faster. You can activate or deactivate the individual training, by clicking on the training pylon next to your players passport photo.

    23. When I'm able to hire a player?
    When a player decides to play as a professional, a “Hire” button appears in the player’s profile. You also get a message in your log.
    The hired player chooses his position, when he is released. When your player signs the contract you are able to see the training points and the experience points.

    24. What will happen with non-hired players?
    Players, which aren’t hired at the age of 19, will be deleted at a season break.

    Questions concerning functions and costs

    25. What does a youth player cost if I provide 100% deposit?

    Each single player inflicts daily costs, depending on your league level. If you provide 100% deposit, your daily costs will total up to:

    Premier League: 3.000
    Football League Championship North/South: 2.000
    Football League One: 1.500
    Football League Two: 1.000
    Championship National: 700
    Conference A: 500
    Premier Division: 400
    Division One: 300
    Combined Football League: 250
    Combined Counties Football League: 150
    District Football League: 125

    Youth players that are trained individually inflict extra cost of 150%.
    The money will be written off daily. It's the same like with salaries and the stadium periphery: Money will be withdrawn even though your bank account is not covered.

    26. How many Training Points(TPs)/ Experience Points(EPs) does my youth player have?
    The youth player receives TPs and EPs just about corresponding with his strength. The progress underneath each fulfilled strength level has no influence on the TPs and EPs.
    TPs and EPs will be visible after signing a contract.

    Hint: Sometimes it's profitable not to engage players immediately, but to wait until they reach the next strength level within the youth development.

    27. Why I'm not able to engage a youth player?
    Youth players can only be engaged after they reached strength level 1 or higher.

    28. What's the task of my youth scout?
    You can send him to find new talents of the age 15. You need at least one free slot in this particular age group. The costs differ depending on your current league:

    Premier League: 60.000
    Football League Championship North/South: 45.000
    Football League One: 30.000
    Football League Two: 24.000
    Championship National: 16.000
    Conference A: 11.000
    Premier Division: 8.000
    Dvision One: 5.000
    Combined Football League: 3500
    Combined Counties Football League: 2000
    District Football League: 1000

    Each time you order the scout to search he will sign one new 15-year-old player with no strength level.

    Hint: In order to provide a free slot for a new youth player you are able to fire youth players or upgrade your training camp.

    29. How long does it take to upgrade the training camp and which amount do I have to pay?

    Level 1: for free
    Level 2: 100.000
    Level 3: 4.000.000
    Level 4: 8.000.000

    Level 1: already built with every manager
    Level 2: immediately ready
    Level 3: 15 weeks
    Level 4: 30 weeks

    With each level up you will earn the possibility to train one more player individually at the same time.

    30. Is it possible to demolish a training camp?
    No. It does not cause any running costs.

    31. Can I skip one level and continue with the later level?
    You have to build the upgrades step-by-step.

    32. Will the youth development be closed during an upgrade?
    No, the youth development is still going on during upgrades.
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