Strength system during up/downgrading

On match days 0, 9, 18 and 27 the up-/downgrading follows immediately after the usual match calculation. This might take a few minutes and during that time, the game will be temporarily closed.
The strength of your players will increase or decrease those days. Upgrade Points (UP) are the harmonic mean of Experience Points (EP) and Training Points (TP). The lowest value will be the more relevant.

The system works like a pyramid.

Below there are the players of strength 1 and on top the best players. Now all upgrades of the strength 1 players will be compared (independent form there position). There are players that will gain many UPs, so they should earn a promotion. But in order to keep the overall balance they will be compared additionally with the players of strength 2. If the player’s strength is lesser, he won't be upgraded. In opposite, if he has a higher value, he will be upgraded and the strength 2 player will be downgraded. If you provide i.e. a good training, a promotion higher than +1 is possible.
This comparison is the same for all other strength levels! Keep in mind: Due to the pyramid system, the number of players with the strength 1 has to grow first in for other players to reach higher strength levels.

Addition to downgrading

The downgrading cap of players with strength 5 or higher is very close to the upgrade cap. This means that the downgrade will be very small if a player has reached the cap.

Upgrade cap to strength 10 = 2600 UPs
Downgrade cap to strength 9 = 2599, X UPs