The so called "FunCups" are cup competions which are organised by the OFM-Managers themselves. You can organise a FunCup yourself with only a few steps via a comfortable Cup-configurator. By FunCups every OFM-Manager is given the opportunity to participate in a lot of cup or league competitions besides the official OFM-league games and even start his own individual cup or even a league. There are numerous options to create an indivual competition, multiple modes, prize money, sought-after trophies, statistics and a lot more - a virtual OFM in the OFM!

Prize money, titles and trophies:

FunCups are something a little bit different from the other matches in the OFM. To prevent FunCups from being played only to push your own team, some precautions have been taken: You can't gain experience points and the players don't lose any freshness. There income from the crowd watchin a FunCup match. However: You can win a lot of prize money and there is an individual trophy for every FunCup for your trophy cab on your club info page! Every success is eternalized on your club info page and the club history. FunCups are in general about fame, titles, trophies and prize money, all this organized by the managers themselves.

FunCups - participation and competition.

There are three classes for FunCups: Bronze, Silver and Gold
A FunCup can gain a certain popularity: Every new cup starts in class Bronze, and over the seasons a cup can be promoted to a higher class, according to its tradition, number of participants and the difficulty to win the cup. First Bronze, then Silver and finally Gold.
The classification of a cup is automated and takes place in the background. Once a Cup is promoted to a higher class, its organizer has additional options to choose from.

Broad spectrum on individual FunCups

FunCups can be divided in different categories like "Regional Cup" or "Friendly Cup". Furthermore, there are numerous other parameters: League-, country- and strength restricions, different competion-modes like league, KO-system or group stages, own statistics and history, an individually designable FunCup detail page and a lot more.
FunCups offer every manager the opportunity to take part in one or even multiple FunCups each season. With the trophy cab, FunCup statistics and -history, FunCups offer flexible possibilities to go hunting for goals and titles!

Participating in a FunCup

You will find a list of FunCups that are available at the moment under the point "Offers". Here you can register directly for a FunCup: First choose one of the three classes, the click "Show", or use the advanced search, to personalize your search. FunCups, which are currently free for registration, will show up with a green "Register"-button. By clicking it you get to the detail page of this FunCup.
Here you can check the exact conditions you have to meet to participate and further interesting information about the FunCup. If you meet the conditions you can register for this FunCup right there. Now you are a participant! In case your team doesn't qualify for this FunCup you can use the advanced search and try to find a FunCup which suits your team.

Organizing a new FunCup

With our comfortable tools located at "Organise a new FunCup" you can create your own new and individual FunCup. The only preconditions are that you have been with the OFM for five seasons or longer and that you have some spare Kixx. At first you have to choose, whether you want to create a completely new FunCup, or if you want to continue a FunCup you already organized during the last seasons. Immediately after that our tool pops up and you can specify every parameter and the match schedule in four easy steps. Once finished, other managers can immediately register for your FunCup. Under "My FunCups" you can view the FunCups you are participating in and as the organizing manager you have an edit option to take care of your FunCup while it is running.