Match schedule
FunCups can be the 4th game each day from matchday 3 to 33. Organisation is possible from the 0th matchday on.

Every manager whose team is more than two seasons at the OFM can participate in two FunCups every season. With Kixx it is possible to participate in more than two FunCups - given the matches fit into the match schedule, because you can only have one FunCup-match every matchday.

Every manager who is more than five seasons with the OFM can organize a FunCup. The season the manager registered counts as a whole season.

FunCup classes
Persistence in organisation and care for a FunCup is rewarded - the older a FunCup is, the more participants is has had, the more likely is its promotion to Silver or Gold status. In higher classes you have additional options for the organisation, the cups can have more participants and the metal of the trophies changes accordingly.

Number of participants
FunCups can be organised for 5 up to 128 clubs. FunCup-leagues can have up to 32 clubs.
Note: A FunCup can start without having each spot filled. Free spots become free tickets which will be distributed evenly.

Match mode
You can choose from league-mode, simple KO-mode and a KO-stage following a group stage.

Open, half open and private FunCups
You can limit the access to a FunCup by setting a password. Hereby you can create a FunCup only for your friends or any other private group of managers. You can also remove a password after the registration of preferred participants to open it again for all managers.

Organiser and participants can send invitations to other managers directly from the FunCup page.

Appearance fees and prize money
FunCups can be played with or without appearance fee. The maximum amount of appearance fee depends on the lowest league from which participants are allowed. The sum of all appearance fees will be awarded as prize money at the end of the FunCup.
Note: The more participants, the more managers will receive a prize money. The proportions for the prize money is fixed.

Lowest possible league - maximum appearance fee:
Premier League - 50.000
Football League Championship - 45.000
Football League One - 40.000
Football League Two - 35.000
Conference National - 30.000
Conference A - 25.000
Premier Division - 20.000
Division One - 15.000
Combined Football League - 10.000
Combined Counties Football League - 5.000
District Football League - 5.000

Organisers can choose from 40 different sets of trophies with each a Bronze-, Silver- and Gold-trophy. Gold-FunCups can get an individually designed trophy graphic.

End of a FunCup
At the end of a FunCup the winner gets the trophy, the prize money paid proportionally and the FunCup gets points in the background for its iteration and perhaps is promoted.

Elimination from the FunCup
After a team is eliminated from the FunCup the match days that were planned for this FunCup will not be free again. But we are working on an update for that.

Statistics and history
Under statistics you can find information concerning the running cup, under history for past iterations.

FunCups and "Managers with one IP / Holiday replacement"
FunCups are also and especially meant for managers who want to compete with their family, flat mates, fellow pupils or students and co-workers etc. There are no restrictions concerning holiday- or IP-rules.

Offers & search
You can find all FunCups of the OFM under Offers & search.
Hint: Set up your line-up for the FunCups first, to sensibly use the setting "Must match my FunCup line-up"

By clicking the name you get to the FunCup-detail-page where you can find comprehensive information about that FunCup, comparable to a club's info page.
On the Overview-page there are all participation conditions and, if your team meets these, a Register-button. If the cup is protected by a password you have to enter it here. The appearance fee has to be on your bank account when registering.

Note: After registering you can't de-register yourself. In case the FunCup doesn't take place due to too little participants or the organisator cancelling it, the blocked match days are free again to register for another FunCup. This applies also, if you are kicked out of the FunCup by the organisator.

Running FunCup
As soon as the FunCup has started you can find the match-ups on the FunCup-page, but also in your match schedule.

Experience and freshness
In a FunCup your players neither gain experience points, nor do the lose freshness. They also can't injure themselves here.

The more attractive a match-up is, the more people com into your stadium. But they don't pay entrance fee, and they also don't wear it out.

For the FunCups there is an own, fourth line-up in the team-area.

Yellow and red cards
Yellow and red cards only count for FunCups, not for league-, friendly- or OFM-Cup-matches. Just as in the OFM-Cup a player is banned for a game after it's third yellow card, and bans are only reduced on FunCup-match-days.

Reserve line-up
The reserve bench works different than in the other match types: A free position is filled with the strongest player first, then the team strength is calculated. This strength has to match the conditions of the FunCup, otherwise this match will counted 0:3 against the violating team.

Group tables are updated after each game, the Knock-Out-stage-tree is updated at system-kick-off-time.

At a fixed system-kick-off-time all matches which weren't kicked off manually will be calculated. At sytem-kick-off you have to have at least 7 players lined up.

Manual kick-off
A manual kick-off is only possible, if every team has 11 players lined up and the strength restriction is met.

Violation of defined restrictions
If one side violates the restrictions (strength or 7 players), the match will be counted as a 0:3 loss for this team. If both teams violate the restrictions, the game is counted 0:0 with a point for both teams.

League-table and group-stage
In a FunCup-league and during the group-stage of a cup the table is calculated just as in the league after (in descending order)
- points
- goal difference
- scored goals
- random

During K.O.-stage there will be extra time and penalty shootout if there is no winner after 90 or 120 minutes. There is no away goals rule.

Final match
Final matches are a single match, no first & second leg.