To illustrate tradition and popularity of FunCups, they segregated in different classes: bronze, silver and gold!

A FunCup grows with each edition, participant number and game mode. At the end of a FunCup edition the cup can be upgraded from bronze to silver or silver to gold based on a calculation run in the background.

You can find a small progress bar on the top right of the trophy page. It displays the points required to upgrading.

The current class of a FunCup determines the options the organisers have during initiation as well as the "metal" of the achievable trophies!

Preference and options depending on status:

Maximum participant number:

Bronze: 16
Silver: 32
Gold: 128

Trophy choice
During initiation you can choose trophy from 40 sets comprising gold, silver and bronze trophies.

Upload of your own trophy graphic
Organisers of gold cups can upload their own trophy graphic. It must be a PNG graphic, seized 80 by 100 pixel and should have a transparent background.