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    World Cup

    Which teams can participate?

    The participants will be determined in the following order:
    Every league cup winner
    Every league cup second placed
    Every 1st league champion
    Every 2nd placed in league
    Every 3rd placed in league
    Every 4th placed in league

    Should a team be deleted, the two cup finalists and the first and second place in league will be join the world cup (independent of the team strengh or saison change).
    Should a team be a double winner automaticly the 3rd placed will join the cup. If the league champion and the 2nd placed also the cup champion and 2nd placed, the
    3rd and 4th placed of the league will participate.

    So the last champion must qualify again for the world cup?
    Yes, there is no set place for the champion.

    What if there was any reason for wildcards in the cup (e. q. team delete or team ban)?
    In this case the premier league teams with the most points will join, this is across all countriers.

    Is the draw completely randomly or are there some limitations (e. q. two teams from one country in the group)?
    Normaly two teams from one country will no get into one group.
    But one exception is, when a team will be deleted or banned and a other team get qualified because of this.

    How is the gameplay of the world cup?
    The gameplay is like the real championsleague.
    First we have groups, after that we have ko-matches.

    Group matches:
    32 groups with 4 teams
    3 games (/per team in group 1 game)
    The first and second place will be qualified for the next round.

    Cross-system of the 32 groups
    64 qualified teams
    Ko-matches in 6 rounds

    Yellow cards:
    For the world cup exists a own card pool, that means the Yellow and Red cards you get in the world cup,
    are only valid in this.
    We don't take the rules from the champions league, we take this from the OFM Cup.
    That means:
    3 Yellow Cards = Banned for 1 game, no restriction after transfer

    Experience points:
    Group matches - 7 points
    KO matches, 1st round - 8 points
    KO matches, 2nd round - 8 points
    Round of 16 - 9 points
    Quarter-final - 10 points
    Semi-final - 11 points
    Match for 3rd place - 12 points
    Final - 12 points

    For every goal the scorer get 5 EP.

    Loss of freshness:

    First game of the matchday - 6 points
    Second game of the matchday - 8 points
    Third game of the matchday - 10 points

    How to distribute the stadium revenue in the world cup?

    The appearance fee distributed as follows:
    Matchday - Round - Appearance free
    2. matchday - 1st round - 90,000 GBP
    6. matchday - 2nd round - 100,000 GBP
    10. matchday - 3rd round - 125,000 GBP
    14. matchday - 4th round - 150,00 GBP
    19. matchday - Round of 16 - 175,000 GBP
    24. matchday - Quarter-final - 200,000 GBP
    28. matchday - Semi-final - 250,000 GBP
    33. matchday - Final - 300,000 GBP (finalist) + 1,000,000 GBP (cup winner)

    In which system the world cup will be played?
    The world cup will be played in 32 countrys on the matchdays: 5, 8, 11, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32

    Kick-off time:
    The world cups kick-off, is one hour after the usual server time league cups.

    Playing clubs participating in the World Cup, also in the League Cup?

    Yes. Participate on the world cup is for every team only a additional cup.
    The club plays in the National Cup and in the World Cup.
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