To earn money for your club, it needs a sponsor. You can select a sponsor in the menu item "finances". You can differentiate the sponsors between the amount of the appearance fees and the bonuses. Which sponsor you will choose is relative to the strength of you league and your objectives. If you have a strong team, which is able to go up, the sponsors "Stella Casella" and "Buzzer Soda" (with high prize money and title bonus) are interesting for you. When your club has a little strength, you may have to choose "Riviera COCKTA" or "leON" (with a high appearance fee and staying bonus).

Appearance fees
You will earn this money on every matchday, if you have lined up a minimum of 7 players. The result of the match has no bearing on the payment of the appearance fee.

Title bonus
If you are on a rank on which you will promote (rank 1 and 2) on 34th matchday, you will receive this bonus. When a club promotes in case of a loss in higher leagues, while being not on a promotionrank, the bonus wont be payed. Generally the bonus will be paid on 34th matchday of every season.

Staying in the league
If your club on the end of the season stays not on a relegation spot (rank 1-14), you will receive this bonus. When you don't relegate, while you have to, the bonus will not be paid. This is the case, if the system has to refill gabs, when idle teams quit. This bonus is also paid when you promote to a higher league. You will receive it on 34th matchday of every season.

Prize money
This bonus will be paid on every matchday your club has won a match, also if the opponent wasn't step'd up.

The level of the sponsorships subjects to your rank of the last season and your current league. As a raised up or relegated club you will be handled like a club which was on 9th rank of the last season in your corresponding league.

There are no extra bonuses for friendlies or cupmatches!