Four different spectator's groupings have the following rights:

rich spectators
Seat> roof> security> parking bay> (floodlight = announcement)

well-to-do spectators
(Seat, roof)> security> (floodlight = parking bay = announcement)

sparing spectators
Roof> (floodlight = parking bay = announcement)

poor spectators
Roof> announcement> floodlight

Hence, the removal of the security is recommended, provided that at least a roofed seat area exists. The rich spectators are more financially strong and are attracted by the security in the big measure. Indeed, the enlargement of the stadium infrastructur makes sense economically only from a least size of at least 10,000 places.

The further the stadium sphere is developed, the stadium for the spectators is the more attractively.

Every step, speak of from 1 to 3 is as expensive as from 0 to 3 or 2 to step 3! Here it can very make sense to develop immediately the highest step to save an amount of money!