With the seasonal change inactive and closed teams are extinguished.

The places becoming freely thereby are filled in from above down (by the 1st league up to the last play class).

Inactive accounts:
- The teams who did not log in for at least 14 days any more and show at the same time less than seven players in the cadre.
- The teams who have no players in the cadre and did not log in at the same time for two days any more.

This replenishment happens in the following order:

1) For every free place an association of the same play class remains - without class hold premium - in the league which is drawn lots from all associations with place 15 of the respective play class by chance
-> Only if everybody remains 15ten of the respective play class in this, it goes on with the following regulation:

2) From all third-placed of the play class deeper in each case the still available number of the extinguished places of the higher play class is drawn lots by chance. These climb up in the higher play class - without title premium-.

Should still places be free now of extinguished teams, the procedure as long as is continued in the order with teams on place 16, place 4, place 17, place 5 etc., until all places are booked.

Just in the lower leagues the likelyhood is, e.g., as 4. To climb up more placed, relatively high.

Tip: Should a closed stand, e.g., in your league on a rise place, this is not called that the third of the league climbs up. It takes the above calculation.