The Trial-Moderator (TMod) is a Moderator, which is new in the team. Trial-Moderators habituatiate on the work, Board-Admins are auditing them. They're on a learning curve. If the moderating of the Trial is adequate and confident, the trial may becomes a Moderator - and with it a full-valued teammember. When there are problems or something else, the Trialperiod will be extendet or the Trial has to leave the team.

A Trial-Game-Operator (TGO) also is a contender for a Game-Operator (GO). As mentioned above the Trial also will be watched. In this case it takes place by a Game-Admin (GA).

A Moderator (Mod) is a finished skilled Trial-Moderator. The task of the Moderators is to control proceedings. They've got the right to close, open, switch and split threads in their own areas. They prevent users to write offtopic, abusing and offending stuff.

Game Operators are using the Support Ticket System (STS) to handle incoming Ingame-Tickets. They're looking for transfercheating, mulitaccounts and so on. They're busy with the proceedings in the game while Moderators looking for the Board.

A Super-Mod / Super-GO is the link between Mods / GOs and the particular Admins. They're coaching the Trial-Mods and Trial-GOs.

A Board-Admin (BA) is responsible for the Board and its funktianality. A BA can set forums and clantitles and many more. Hes also the highest authority for problems with decisions of Moderators or SMods.

A Game-Administrator is responsible for the process of handling tickets and that everything's ok. If a player doesn't accept the decision of a GO or SGO, the GA has to handle it. The GA is the highest authority in game.

Users have to contact a Moderator if there are any problems. When there's no agreement, the next higher instance has to handle it. Is there also no agreement, only then the Board-Admin has to handle the decision.
The same practice applies to questions and matters, which affects on the game. First there's the ticketsupport. A GO will handle it. Is there no agreement, the SGO has to handle it and if any hold consultation with a GA.

We're asking the users for the abidance of this order (GO/Mod --> SGO / SMod --> Admin).

Of course in exceptional cases the user can contact the CoMa (Community Manager).
Maybe a extra information: At trouble with a Admin, the user can/has to contact the second Admin or the CoMa. If there is not really a trouble, the contact to the CoMa should be an exceptional case.