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Thread: Stadium changes and the new youth scout

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    Stadium changes and the new youth scout

    Dear managers,

    as announced in the 'Changes in the stadium infrastructure' news the stadium extension and the infrastructure get significant changes. The changes will be introduced in the beginning of June.
    The Subsites 'Stadium extension' and 'Infrastructure & State of Repair will get new grafics and upgrades can only be made gradual.
    You will find a new slider to regulate the upgrade period: if you extend the upgrade period the upgrade gets cheaper, if you reduce it the upgrade will be more expensive and costs additional Kixx.
    Furthermore when the upgrade/rennovation period amounts 4 matchdays or less, you get a "prompt" button which lets you immediately build the extension or renovate your stadium.

    You can change the upgrade period every day with the slider, likewise the slider of the 'Youth development', so you can react everyday to your current finances.
    If you reduce the upgrade time and run out of money the slider automatically switches to 'standard'. There will be a slider for the 'Stadium extension' site and for the 'Infrastructure & State of Repair' site.
    The standard costs do not change!

    In addition in the beginning of June we introduce the new youth scout. (you'll find him at the 'Youth development' site)
    The new scout has 5 levels with additional skills at every higher level:

    The 'Talent Level' shows the talent of your youth player.
    "Search Pos." means your scout can search after a specific position. (e.g. GK, LCB, CM..)
    "Search Nat." means your scout can search after a specific country of origin.
    Scouting a specific position and country of origin costs additional Kixx.

    To improve the scout level you need to send him to a special training course. The training course and the scouting will need a different amount of time, you can wait that time or reduce it with Kixx.

    Have fun with the innovations,
    your OFM-team
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    The new youth scout ist online!

    Your new youth scout can be trained up to level 5. Each new level unlocks new chances and more opportunities.
    To make following the development of your new youth player even better, we have improved how it is calculated, as well as the loading bar. Instead of 'quarter upgrades', you now see an exact percentage.

    If your youth scout is away too long for you and you urgently need a new youth player, you can halve the waiting time with a single click:

    Have fun with the new changes!
    Your OFM-team
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    Stadium changes online

    Yesterday you got the new youth scout, today we present the stadium changes for you!

    You can now control the construction time with a slider which also affects the cost. This lets you decide how much you want to spend each day.

    The new feature also means that extending the infrastructure will only be possible in stages in future. If there are only four days or less until the completion of extension or renovation work, you can now simply select “Extend immediately” to remove the remaining waiting time. The same also applies to infrastructure. Plus, you can also extend all areas of the infrastructure to up to level 4.

    We hope you enjoy the new features!

    Your OFM Team

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